There are several steps that we deem necessary for the purchase and / or sales of Real Estate. 

We base our Business Model on a Relational Approach.  We understand that, while your Real Estate Transaction is very important, it is not the end all. 

The end all occurs when we have done such a good job that you will not ever utter another Agents Name to anyone in your Sphere of Influence – Or to anyone for that matter.

When anyone asks, you will tell them, with the utmost of confidence, “Oh, Yes I know some great Real Estate Agents – and they are Connor and Paris MacIVOR at RE/MAX with The Paris911 Team.”

We need to eventually meet you face to face at our offices.  Think of it this way, this is the chance to interview us and to ask us all the questions that you would ask of anyone involved in a Service Oriented Industry. 

Also, we will have the chance to explain to you the Ever-Changing Real Estate Market and to educate you with all of the Current Real Estate events.

Remember, you might have sold several houses in a life time or to this particular point in life – We close several a week…  We have a lot of information and experience to share.

The market is dynamic and changes on a daily basis.  We are experts in the fields of Lending, Escrow, title and all of the other Related Fields that will be involved in your Specific Real Estate endeavor. 

45 minutes later and we will be “gellin”.  No matter where you want to purchase in Southern California – Whether it is where we are headquartered, in Santa Clarita, or elsewhere, it will be worth the trip. 

If you were shopping for shoes, I would, of course, forgo this meeting – but you are about to embark – for the first time, or again, with a very expensive proposition involving Real Estate.  It deserves the full attention of all involved parties.

What to Bring:  From a Lender, you will want to make sure you demand the following items:

  • Full copies of the credit reports that were ran for those that are going to be on the Loan.
  • Good Faith Estimates (GFE’s) – For your maximum purchase qualification price and another for $50,000 less.
  • Lenders full contact information and all contact numbers (so we can get into contact with them if we scribe and submit an offer over a weekend.

Also, let them know that you are going to be shopping around for the best “loan” deal.  I would say this up front, you might as well have your business competed for!

Buyers – You don’t pay your Agent’s (our – The Paris911 Team) commission (Your agents commission is paid by the Seller, no matter who that is)

Sellers – You are paying both sides, make sure you are getting what you are paying for!  (interview, interview, and interview some more!)

Let us know if you need to reschedule your appointment.  Please give us enough advanced notice possible. 

We are there for you and Your Real Estate Needs and Thanks.  The way we look at it is we are wanting to Earn your Trust then Eventually your Business.

We Wish to Thank You for your Business, We know you have a choice!Connor and Paris MacIVOR (877)977-REMAX – (877)977-7362 –