I suppose the answer to this question depends on who you call.  Here is the deal, I have not built every site we have.  In fact, I am not much of a website builder – We Sell Houses and Represent buyers and sellers in Real Estate.

However, I have wrapped my mind around the “internet marketing” aspect of Real Estate to better serve our Sellers and Buyers in Real Estate.  In doing so, I have stumbled upon a way to help our Santa Clarita Business Friends build their on-line presence and get more clients.

I used to despise going to marketing meetings and networking events where the pitch was, “If you know of anyone that is looking to buy or sell real estate, please pass my card along to them…”Puke……

People know I’m in Real Estate, that much is clear to Paris, myself and our Real Estate Team. However, to have that approach to any of our network friends in the Local Business Community seems to be very self serving.  It is self serving, there is no “seem” to it.

What if you had a skill you to pass along to another that was in a different business than your were?  Then consider doing the “passing along” for free? – Wouldn’t that be considered a “free gift”.  Like Seth Godin talks about the “Free Prize Inside?” Aren’t the best “free gifts” those that are given without expectation?

That is how it works – You call me and I have a look see at your stuff – I suggest some Free Things you can do yourself on the Internet and in other forms of “permission marketing”.  A Relationship Starts (platonic 🙂 Friends etc… We talk about the Santa Clarita Radio Show hosted by Blog Talk Radio and our exclusive channel.  We can work on getting a Radio Scheduled if you are comfortable enough.

If I think you might want to change certain things – I’ll suggest it.  If you don’t have anyone that can fix it for you, I’ll recommend a few local resources that do internet, web, I.T.  and seo building stuff.

We can talk about your business and website on our Santa Clarita Business Blog.

That is it – Then about 5pm on the following day, I will come over to your home and give you paperwork that gives me the right to be counted as part of your family and to be taken care of forever.  This promissory note also says you will buy clothes for me along with razors and shaving cream.

Actually – You owe me nothing but Good Thoughts.  Those pay off more than you can imagine.

If you have not – you will want to talk to the SCV Concierge Group about their activities – there is no better way to connect with folks when you have a “free prize inside of yourself”.

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