Ok, here is another scenario that if I had a dime for every time one of our clients called me and explained that they just had heard this statement, “You are going to have to write the offer through me(listing agent) in order to get this home”, I would have about at least 7 bucks..

In this market, it is being heard more and more.  In fact, before it was not so prevalent – but every tom, dick and harry was a licensed realtor, and if you were breathing, you were doing Okay in the Real Estate Business.

Times have definitely changed.  This market is responsible for thinning the flock and those agents that did not establish themselves on a sold foundation of protection and reciprocal trust – have fallen short and thereby fallen away.

What is the Truth about that statement?  There is no truth – and in fact if you are hearing statements like the one I mentioned that has been told to our clients by other Real Estate Agents, you need to run the other direction.  Call a Flag on the play.  Give a penalty – but be weary, if you are being lied to this early in the Real Estate Transaction and Relationship – then the future does not look like it will be lined with virgin white honesty.

We have solved these problems with our clients.  Do yourself a favor – side with an agent that has a, earns your trust and then your business, philosophy.