Working “full time” in Real Estate since 1998 – we have not seen everything and I am sure there is a lot more to experience.  However, some of the largest blessings come from client comments while we are showing properties.

After the fact, when the client sees a property that they have fallen in love with, usually there is that uncomfortable silence.  They are wanting direction and to enter in a back and forth banter about the pro’s and con’s of buying the home.SCV short sale center

We have found that mostly, it is a concern of a client, “not wanting to make a mistake”.  That is what we are here for.  We don’t like to make mistakes either – We want to cover all of the benefits and whatever negatives might exist with any property purchase.  So, we go back to our offices and talk, explain everything to our clients – then say, “It is okay for you to think about it – Sleep on it, go have some lunch then call us…”

Our comments to buyers are in direct opposition to the training that we receive from some of the most followed Real Estate coaches – but we have found that being upfront, and being without pressure earns us better clients and more referrals that being someone that is too fast on the trigger.  Over and above that – We don’t want to be treated with pressure when we are considering purchasing something.  We treat our clients as we wish to be treated – Bottom Line.

Blessings come in many different forms – we have seen this as a result of working with our Niche clientele and those that are outside of the “sworn” world.