I stop when I have a moment if I’m showing outside of the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.  I just finished showing real estate in Toluca Lake – which is part of Los Angeles.  Although, if you ask most of the residents, they will deny this 🙂 (that was my subtle attempt at humor)Stopping by Coffee Bean to get some work done

After showing 7 properties – priced between $750000 and $1.1M, my clients asked my opinion.  I told them that the third home we looked at was the closest to matching the requirements they told me they had in my office at our First meeting.  They explained the house needed to be somewhat set apart from the others around it.  They also talked about the interior layout – instead of having the rooms split apart – they wanted more of a “great room” feel.  In addition, a private backyard was a must – rich foliage and well kept.

They agreed and will give me a call in a couple of hours.  When you are about to spend $1,000,000.00 on a home, you should do a little “slicing of the pie”, instead of running through the door screaming!!!  

explanation:  slicing of the pie.  This is Cop Vernacular – Tactical Training.  It refers to entering a location occupied by an armed hostile – or in an unknown scenario.  It means taking your time, walking the door from left to right, or visa versa – inch by inch – clearing the path inside of the doorway, instead of running in.  With this technique, the “slicer” will see the bad guy before the bad guy has a chance to see the one using the technique.

I have a couple of hours to work – so I thought I would go to a nearby coffee shop, write this post, review voice mails and return emails.  I have a showing this PM and another tomorrow around 11am.  Those need some attention too.

The Photo above is of the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in the Sherman Oaks fashion square.  I know there would have been a coffee shop closer – but I thought I might get Paris something nice too.