Built for Jeremiah and anyone else interested in Renting or leasing a home in Woodland Hills, Westlake Village and or Burbank.  Minimums used were a 3+ bedroom and under $3000.00 a month.

We don’t do Rental or Lease representation, for the most part.  However, just send me which properties you are interested in and I’ll send you the contact information for the agent.

Sending us positive vibes are enough.  Life is a circle and what goes around comes back Multiplied….

Don’t forget to visit our Main Real Estate Website, guaranteed to not make your eyes bleed…

Oh, one more thing – You will have to register at some point to move forward with searching.  I won’t spam you, promise.  Your information is only able to be viewed by me, and I’m bald, so you can trust me 🙂