When it comes to real estate brands – don’t forsake the “brand”.

REMAX of Valencia Real Estate agentsWe had our choices when teaming up with a real estate company in the beginning.  We were “unknown” in the beginning – no one knew who Paris or I was.  Sure, I was an LAPD motor cop and worked several assignments, community affairs, dui watch, training division – etc…  But as far as real estate, we were unknown.

However, most companies will take a chance on anyone – because most new licensees are worth about three deals – they will tell you, their family, friends and themselves.

I have never been accustomed to viewing people as if they are “worth” something tangible like a certain amount of “deals”.

To me and those that work for me, that is just plain ugly.  It was nice to have made our rounds when we first started – we had to work at other real estate companies, to prove ourselves, before being able to step up to REMAX of Valencia CA.

We worked at some “great” real estate brokerages – Paris and I had worked with the white and blue.  We worked with the gold jacket crowd and another, much smaller company, that was based in Encino California.

It’s nice having business and not knowing what to do with it than, not having business at all. But, looking back, it was tough until Paris got into the business with me.  I was still full time LAPD until 2007.  I was licensed in 1998 – Paris in 1999.  Paris was the full time end of our business, and to this day, I thank God for his insight in having her come aboard.

She has been a blessing in my life and with our local Santa Clarita and Los Angeles area Real Estate business.

Just another page out of the Paris911 History books – Be safe – let us know if you need our help with anything.  Not just real estate, we will try to do our best…  my BEST.