Experts, there sure are a lot of them around these days. When the price of admission to the “expert” realm is being able to spell it, anyone can enter.

real estate expertsWhen it comes to the “real experts” in the Santa Clarita housing market, you will see them by the efforts they place, into their writings and talks, when speaking about the local real estate markets.

They will be publishing content sparing you of the “use me, I’m the best in the world….”.

The True Santa Clarita Realtor Experts will be showing you the best ways in which to get your mission accomplished in the most advantageous way possible.

Instead of playing checkers they are playing chess. They are thinking several moves ahead and have a ton of real estate knowledge and experience to pass along to their real estate clients.

Never let it be said that the true experts are a “dime a dozen”.  The are incredibly rare in the Real Estate industry. However, once you find one, stick with them.

Here is our latest Santa Clarita real estate housing report.

You can see that we have had increases with regard to it taking properties longer to sell than in the past months. We reference this in real estate circles as DOM, Days on market.

We have also been seeing a rise in the new Santa Clarita real estate listings entering the SCV market.

The Santa Clarita listing prices continue to receive price reductions, which are in a majority, as they relate to the SCV Home price increases.

The market is still moving, the financing is still within the realm of buyer understanding due to the interest rates still being in the mid 4’s.

Make sure you are getting the best advice when it comes to buying or selling real estate in the Santa Clarita Valley and in the surrounding areas of Los Angeles.

Be safe – search well and we will talk soon…