I hate arrogance as much as the next guy – but I have seen what we have been able to accomplish with clients that have come to us after they have given several agents the chance to help them buy real estate. This is Confidence not Arrogance 😉Searching for Santa Clarita homes

“If you let our MLSbest team take the reins of your home search we will make it happen for you Guaranteed…” (scroll down to the bottom!)

The reason that our home search for Santa Clarita Valley Cities is better, than what anyone is able to do on their own, comes down to “access”.

With our MLSbest system, you have access to the actual Multiple Listing Service(MLS).

The MLS is the place where all of the real estate listings that are being handled, listed and sold, by actual Realtors, live.

Santa Clarita home listing contracts are taken by Agents like ourselves. We then input the data directly into the MLS with the Local Board of Realtors.

Those listings then hit the MLSbest website, no matter who the listing agent is and no matter their Brokerage.

Within several minutes – our MLSbest website updates and you now have access to the MLS based real estate listings. Those real estate listings make up 99% of the housing market.

When I talk about “access” – we have more than the Multiple Listing Service in Santa Clarita and Greater Los Angeles to “access”.

My top producing real estate team has connections with the other top producing real estate agents in the Santa Clarita valley cities and in the Greater Los Angeles areas.

Top Agents Email Blast – Pocket Listings

All I have to do is send an affiliate Realtor email blast requesting what our Paris911 Team clients are looking for and in short order, we get results.

The “results” are upcoming listings in nature. They are also called Pocket Listings.

When we do the hunting we produce. It is, in fact, our job!

Regarding other “off market” listings

Foreclosures, Short Sales and other Distressed properties make our search as well.

While they may be bank owned or in some semblance of “distress”, not on the market, we do our best to make that part of our Client’s home search!

Listings in Escrow make our list too

We engage the agents that have listings that are in escrow. Those in both the pending and backup statuses are going to have their listing agents contacted by my team and I to see if there is a “chance”.

You would be surprised how often we call at the “right moment” and where those real estate listing agents don’t forget us if their seller’s present deal falls out of escrow.

I know when I have an agent that is as persistent as myself, call on one of our listings that are in escrow, I make a note and call them first if things get shaky!!!

While any searcher of homes may see those listings in the backup status, they are not going to see those that are in pending status.

Backup would indicate that the homeowner wants to have additional showings and additional offers generated.  Unfortunately, most times that is not the case.

100% committed to finding you what you want!

It is our full time job to find you what you are looking for reference to real estate. That is why the BEST Realtors succeed and those who are lazy do not.

We want you to get what you want when it comes to looking for homes and real estate. I want you to get what you want and we make that happen for our clients.