Ah – Veterans Loans. If you are a Veteran than you served or are serving in the United States Armed Forces.

  • Coast Guard

  • Air Force

  • Navy

  • Marines

  • Army

If you served or are serving, are in good standing, then you will have access to one of the best loan programs in the free world.

This loan program is for the Veteran’s Administration(VA) Loan.

Real Estate Loans VeteransIt’s the bee’s knees amongst real estate loan programs and is one of those “Zero Down” types of loans. In fact, it is the only ZERO down loan program.

As far as restrictions – it has very few. However, the restrictions that are in place are Do or Die!

Either a home is going to finance VA or it won’t.

One of the biggest causes for a piece of residential real estate not to qualify for VA financing is the fact the Homeowners Association(HOA) does not pack the gear to have it on the VA approved list!

Some of the HOA’s simply did not get re approved after the last fall in the real estate market.

Getting them re approved takes an Act of God and for the HOA to start the process, which rarely happens 🙁

With regard to Single Family Homes, it comes down to the home itself not “packing the gear” to be approved by the VA appraiser.

This typically is not a hardline “absolute NO” situation. It typically results in the VA appraiser stating what is wrong with the property and why it does not allow for VA financing.

It is then up to the seller to make the repairs/changes to the property in question.

A point would be

If the seller does not want to, they will then have to go back onto the market, and chance the home not selling or only having additional VA offers running into the same issues pointed out by the VA appraisal.

VA appraisals are only good for 6 months and are property specific.

So, if another VA buyer enters the picture on the property where a previous VA appraiser did not allow the financing, then the property will obtain a case number, and that same appraisal will stand for 6 months.