discount realtorsSomeone asked us recently if we are “discount” realtors. Hoping the answer would be to the affirmative. I responded to the question, “What do you mean discount realtors?”

They referenced some that would give up part of their commission to the buyers of homes and real estate. I said, “That specific commission is not paid by the real estate buyer. It’s paid by the real estate seller.”

“The real estate seller pays both of the agents. The one they hired to sell the home and the one that is representing the real estate buyer…”

As a real estate buyer you are not paying your realtor to represent you on the purchase of a home.

But still, they are earning a commission, paid by the real estate seller to represent you as a real estate buyer.

So you want a piece of their paycheck heh?

Maybe 25% of the commission to be earned?  What about 50% of their paycheck? With most agent this goes over like a fart in Church.

I’m sure you would not mind if your pay was cut by your boss, saying “Todd, because I’m giving you these tasks to keep you busy, I’m going to take 25% of what you are making this week…”

However, if you look hard enough, you will find some that will gladly give up some of their paycheck so you will use them to buy real estate.

But what type of realtor does this?  Do the most successful and savvy realtors discount their services so they can obtain new real estate clients?

They don’t have to – their expertise shines through whatever amount they are charging for their services!

Does the top orthopedic surgeon have to discount their services to obtain new clients?

What about the best of the defense attorneys? Do they give discounts in order to get new legal clients to utilize their services?

While most real estate agents are not doctors, nor attorneys, lacking the foundational education, they have a specific skill set that makes them really good at what they do.

They are shrewd negotiators and have connections in the real estate game that extend beyond the “discount realtors”.

The non-discount realtor will be the difference between you getting what you want and you failing at the task you have set out upon within the Real Estate realm.

My question is this, “What type of real estate agent has to discount their services in order to get new clients?”

I would opine those that are like Walmart. While I love Walmart and shop there, I do notice the difference between a shirt I buy from Nordstrom and one that I buy at Walmart. I notice that the Nordstrom bought shirt lasts me 4 times as long and is twice the price.

I also notice that I get about a 10 to 1 compliment ratio, about the shirt I bought from Nordstrom than I do for the one I bought at Walmart. (not scientific – just what i have noticed…)

There is something to be said about top shelf goods and top tier representation. Both are priceless.

Next time you are being approached by a “discount realtor”, think twice before signing on the line which is dotted.

You may be too poor to buy cheap services... (as dad used to say…)

Be safe – I’m Connor MacIvor and I’m not a Discount Realtor. Please take the time to view some of our 1500 YouTube Videos about our online resources and the way we help navigate the “home buying and selling worlds” in real estate.