I know for a fact I am most comfortable presenting our business proposals to our clients.  What I mean has to do with the things that others might say about my Teams work performance or our Santa Clarita Real Estate  business.

When I meet with sellers and buyers and they ask me about “so and so” and what I think.  I have no comment.  I am sure they are fine agents in their own right.  But they are not me and I am not them.  It seems very simple, but you might have been sitting in front of another asking about the Paris911 Team operates and they might have volumes of gossip.  That “he said she said” gossip is very prevalent in a competitive service oriented industry as Real Estate – as I am sure you probably know.

I will never forget what a great teacher once told me about business.  “Often people rain on the parades of the successful people, because they don’t have a parade of their own.”

Try us on for size – you are not committed to utilize our services – call for an appointment.