Sometimes, sales people give Intel that is manipulated around wanting a specific reaction.

Santa Clarita valley real estate for saleFor example, I can tell you that interest rates are rising and now is the time to buy a home, don’t miss out, hurry, align your sites and press the trigger.. etc.

But if my statement were to be broken down, you’d see that interest rates, while they did go up, it was only 1/20th of a point.  If you were to then look as to when I made that statement – the following week they dropped even more than they went up.

Interest rates fluxuate.  They go up and they go down.  Almost Daily.

Some would constantly drive the point home when they had an opportunity to with regard to interest rates doing what they do – fluxuate.

We want our clients to form their real estate decisions off of facts.  We want our clients to have the verifiable information before getting involved with the real estate process.

So hence our “how is the market” pages for each of the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

We will post back here often – Be Safe – thanks for reading and contact us when you are ready for our help.