I often ask this question to those that have heard of our services.  The World Wide Web is far reaching, some would say infinite.

That is how I am looking at our Relocation Services.  No matter where you are looking to relocate, you are going to need a Team that has an arsenal that is unmatched.

No, we are not going to war.  But if you drop the ball or have a company that does not have the right approach, you will be without a home or worse, with two mortgages that you will need to pay.

If you are a home owner and you have just been told that you are going to have to move to Southern California from anywhere, we can find you an agent.  That agent will be from where you are located and will have the same approach and Relational Business Model that we have.

I call, interview and make sure that they do it as we do.  Or at least, their customer service is somewhere close to what I believe it should be.

I am also not above testing their product.  If they tell me that they do call back, or answer the phone each and every time – I will test that mechanism to see if they are telling the truth.

We are here for you and all your Relocation Needs – check out Google Map Interface that I pay to have represent the RE/MAX of Valencia Paris911 Team.