(this is what you get…)

Here are your Real Estate search results!

There are a few things you need to know before moving forward.

iPhone, Droid, BlackBerry, Smartphone – Search for all Real Estate!

Our clients love the fact they can use our Pariis911.com website from any of their mobile devices to search for real estate.  This mobile platform will stop your need to have flyers present on real estate for sale signs.  Here are a few other things it will do for you:

  • For Sale listing without real estate signs will be seen from your mobile phone
  • All Homes for Sale can be seen with your GPS(global positioning system) enabled on your phone
  • If you are in a neighborhood you like, pull over and go to Paris911.com
  • All Rentals, Leases and Real Estate for sale are viewable on your phone, iPad, and other mobile platforms
  • Don’t have to worry about getting tied up with Listing Agents, one button dial our Team for Answers
  • Foreclosures, Bank Owned, real estate owned, all display on your mobile phone

Foreclosures, Bank Owned, Real Estate Owned – All Distressed

Searching for real estate of the Distressed Variety is not a difficult proposition.  Never pay for a service to give you Foreclosure Data or information (we provide Foreclosure Searches and Foreclosure Radar for free).  Always keep your personal information safe from “real estate lead generation” websites.

If you use any of the Paris911.com systems for your real estate search, your personal information is always within our custody.  You can rest assured that we never sell, trade, or do anything with your personal information.

Bottom Line

Be safe, search well and stay loyal to your Real Estate agent.  Watch our help videos on YouTube by checking out our YouTube Santa Clarita Real estate Channel Video’s posted on our YouTube Page on Paris911.com.