Where are the real reviewsOn one of the major players in the review website game, Yelp, has their system set so there are reviews that are showing and those they are not.

They have their reasons for not showing those “filtered” results.

I have had “real clients”, leave unsolicited reviews on Yelp with our Paris911 Team brand, and they have ended up in the filtered results.

As I explained to Yelp, “I can give you names, phone numbers and you can call to verify this to be true.”

However, my request fell on deaf ears and on a non responsive email addresses.  To this day and for “yelp’s reasons”, they are not showing on the main review panel.

Yet, they are still present on their system.(a hidden blessing maybe for some that have 1 star reviews under this grey text)

They are hidden under some very light grey text just below the first several reviews of the business.  The text is so light it almost blends into the page.

Here is what it looks like:

remax paris911 team filtered reviews on yelp


If you did not know it was there or what it was for – you’d pass it by.  BTW – it is not normally underlined, I happened to have my cursor on it when I snapped the photo.

In some cases this houses “negative” reviews also.

When reviewing businesses, you need to make sure you check out the reviews that yelp struck from the record.

I have found that a business can have a stellar five star rating, and have multiple 1 star comments on the filtered results page.

It’s good going in knowing the whole story.

With my experience, and with yelp being yelp, I don’t know why they took our Five Star reviews from real clients and placed them on the “not currently recommended” page.

I’m also in a quandary about the “negative” results that are so exceptionally detailed on other businesses, including Santa Clarita Realtors, that did not make the first page cut. Times, dates, names, places, actions, information that is verifiable and subject to a “libel suit” if proven to be false.

Thanks for reading and be safe – search well.