Most can’t get best mortgage rates | Inman News.

Inman did a nice article on interest Rates and the breakdown of what the “usual” scenario is with most of the general population wanting to buy real estate.

If you are Relocating anywhere, before pack up everything in order to relocate and buy a home – you will want to get your credit checked.

If you are going to make Santa Clarita Valley your home – I would suggest renting as your first option.  You are not going to miss anything by signing a 6 month lease.  Just be careful with whom you are dealing with on the Land Lord’s side. I wrote a article on one of our Blogs that has to do with keeping safe when renting a home – there are a lot of new games out there you need to watch out for.

Before you pack up and move – align your sights and with your target in sight – make a call to a Lender out in the SCV. We have one of the best on our Team that Represents a lot of the Top Producing Agents in the Santa Clarita Valley – Mike Meena with Augusta Financial – 661-260-2970.

Have him run your credit and send you the report.  Then give him all of your numbers, earned, debts, etc…  He will work out a financial plan for you and advise you how much of a home, condo or town-home you can qualify for. The next step is simple – Call 877-Paris911!

BTW – Santa Clarita Valley does not have to be your Relocation To City – Anywhere in the USA, Mike can Help You – he is GREAT!