Everyone has a Story.  Everyone has something that can take from when it comes to their Business. I was not born “golden” coming out of the womb.  I imagine I was covered with the same stuff that all of you were.

But when it comes to where I came from and how we are operating our Santa Clarita Business – that is where I am “different from the crowd”.

A Realization that was had by me in a sort of “epiphany-like” way was that some will cling and bond with me and some won’t. I cannot write content on our Santa Clarita business blog or on our Real Estate Blog to be a friend of everyone – Nor would I want too!

I am Connor MacIvor, I was born in a small town in New Mexico.  My childhood dream was to become a LAPD officer. I grew up watching Dragnet and 1 Adam 12 – That is what I wanted.  So my focus was undeterred from my “Lack-Luster” college grades.  I did not choose a path that would have led down an “addictive” road.  When I was 21 I packed up my car with everything I owned (yes, it all fit in a car 🙂, I drove to Las Cruces NM – took the 10 Freeway West and after about 10 hours – I arrived in Los Angeles.

My first stop was Venice Beach – I drove as far west as I could possibly go.  I was not disenchanted by the over abudance of Parking citations I received.  In New Mexico, I don’t think we even had “parking enforcement” in my town. I kept the phone at LAPD personnel ringing off the hook.  The question was the same – “When do I start?” After time went on – June 17, 1990 until August 17, 1990 – those nice people at the LAPD personnel division knew my name by my voice.  I actually quit having to introduce myself.  Talk about a pain in the ass, Boy was I.  I did not want to be forgotten and I wanted to have my Dream fulfilled.

August 17, 1990 – it was confirmed – Starting the LAPD police academy October 9, 1990.  The rest was, as they say, history.  I worked various assignments and made the LAPD motor-cycle squad.  I met my wife, she is Iranian, in 1991, just after I graduated the Police academy – We were married shortly after – July 29, 1991 (from memory 🙂 ).

Our Boys are 8 years apart – our eldest came into the world March 17 – our youngest came September 17.  I was Born May 17 – My dad quit the Army with 17 years to take a job working as a General Contractor on the ICBM projects at the White Sands Missile Range.

Paris’ Dad left his country after 17 years with the Military there. The number 17 seems to have some sort of signifance in my life – Side note, (when I figure that one out I’ll let you know).

With your business – you have stuff to talk about. You are not living in a box or on a deserted island.  You are a living-breathing “billion dollar” body possessing person.  Start writing about where you came from, what your experiences have been, and how that gives your clients an edge when they are using your services or products.

Let us know if you want to write a guest post on the Santa Clarita Business Blog. If you have been wanting to get a start, or build your internet presence – We can assist you with that for ZERO cost and ZERO obligation.  That is our “Free Prize Inside…” – BE Safe and let me know if I can help you!

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