I returned last week from Texas where I went to the Five Star Conference that had everything to do with the Current Real Estate Market and what the projected futures are going to be.

I sat in many different classes and was able to interact with other’s that are in the Real Estate Business.  But not only Re-sale – I sat with Lenders, Out Source companies, Asset Managers, Eviction Coordinators and a few other types that are involved with the “pulse” of Real Estate.

General consensus? – They were common in their projections – we are going to continue to decline. There is more inventory to come onto the Real Estate Market.  Lending will become more constrictive and FHA will pull a miracle so it will become easier to compete with the 20% down loan products.

My Question to the powers that BE – Can we please give a BREAK to the VA BUYER!!!  Come on – I am screaming here – Do some fancy wand waving – but we need VA’s to be able to compete with at least FHA – and I would love to see our Veterans when approaching the plate with the VA Loan – Compete with the Cash Buyer!!!

I brought back Bronchitis with me from Texas – Coughing reminds me I’m Human, but it still hurts 🙂