Search registration by forceMandatory Registration to search for Santa Clarita Valley homes, condos and town homes.

Here I go again, speaking about things that may upset those within the real estate representation and consultation businesses.

We chose our Brokerage, REMAX of Santa Clarita CA, because of their sheer power with the ability to protect our clients above and beyond.

I liked the fact they were, and would continue to be, the most successful brokerage in these United States and the World.

Ok – enough of that. Here is what I want to get into today.

Have you ever wanted to search for something online, some bit of information, or item, maybe real estate? Only to have a “pop up” window hit you square in the face telling you to “Create your Free Account…”  or “To view Properties you must register…”.

I’m sure you have. In fact, some of those “registration systems” are tricky. Some don’t hit you until you have had your pallet moistened.

Some wait until you have viewed several or a few real estate listings that, in some cases, homes and listings that were too good to be true.

(they probably were – but that is a story for a different time…)

So, you gave up who you were, entered your name and your email address.

Within several minutes –  

BAM – you have had your personal information Sold to dozens of real estate agents!!!
your email was blowing up with solicitation emails from a bunch of the Local Realtors that service those areas, wanting to see how they may earn your business.

Maybe “earn” is too strong of a word.  They want to know how they can “represent you” with what your “paying” needs are within the real estate channel.

Here is a Tip for those out there making registration mandatory on their real estate websites: “People hate to give up their anonymity when searching for things online, that those “things” include real estate and homes.”

You may even, as we do, get far more “registrations” when you don’t ask for them. Just explain to your audience why a person may want to register.

On our real estate Multiple Listing Service search systems, it’s would be because a person, the real estate searcher, wants to get the new real estate listings at the moment they hit the market for sale, emailed to them.

OMT – people love to feel the confidence of their Realtor – what better way to say, “I’m confident that I’m the BEST in the real estate business, than not having to “trap people” when searching for homes…?”

That’s it – that is the reason to register on any of our and REMAX of Santa Clarita Team Search engines.

Resource: In fact, today is our market Mondays real estate broadcast for Santa Clarita real estate, We hosted that up on our main real estate website – – Tune in!