A long time ago, when people were taken on their word, there was a thing called a “Handshake”.

This “Handshake”, when utilized after a statement of interest, meant that the handshaker agreed to allow the handshake to purchase their Real Estate Asset.

Then the Handshake, more commonly referred to as the Buyer, and the Handshaker (The Seller) would trade, goods, services, certificates or money and the Real Estate Transaction would change ownership and the Buyer just bought himself some Real Estate.

Today, that Handshake agreement has been changed to putting your Money where your Mouth is. 

In case you have not noticed it seems that some people in this world are a bit fake, or as I like to say, “Plastic”.  With all of these “Plastic” people around it is a wonder anything gets done at all.  But to ensure that those “plastic” people carry through with what they say they will do – this deposit has become a necessary part of any Real Estate agreement.

How much is the Deposit?  Depends, usually in contract and advertised on the MLS (multiple listing service), it is 3% of the offering price.  In more expensive markets, it is could be considerably less.

It comes down to what the Seller will accept as the deposit.  Some want a much Firmer Handshake, thereby require more $$$.

Look for “Saving your Deposit” and / or “Recovering your Deposit”.

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