We do what is called “working” the expired listings.

Expired home resource

Meaning, when homes are being sold, and when they do not sell within the time allotted within contract, they expire.

Top Producing real estate agents work on the expired real estate listings.

However, where we disagree is with the methods used to procure them.

There have been data gathering websites that scrub various online systems and capture phone numbers.

Therefore, when your phone starts ringing at the moment your home falls off the Multiple Listing Service, having expired, you wonder where the “pushy agent(s)” obtained your phone number.

They paid for it, or if your agent had your phone number in the MLS for agents to call in order to set up a showing appointment, they obtained it that way.

One of the things that would have been nice of your agent to do is remove your phone number a few days before it expired and had any potential future showings set up through themselves personally.

I suppose another nice thing your agent could have done is had gotten your home sold 🙁

All the precautions can be taken, but you will probably still get called by 12 or so real estate agents, but not my Team!

We have a different approach to assisting real estate sellers when their home listing expires.

Santa Clarita Valley Expired Listing Resource

By clicking on the above link, you will be taken to a website I built that gives information related to the potential reasons why a home did not sell and thereby expires.

Those real estate sellers that had agents unable to sell their homes are also able to reach out to me, personally, so I may come over and evaluate why their home did not sell.

I then get the home listed a second time and complete the sale for my seller.

Reach out to me when you are ready. If your home expired – that is painful, I get that.

Let me show you how I can make it better! BTW, I'm Connor MacIvor, Google Me to see!