What in the @#$% does that mean????  How do you expect your Real Estate Agent to work?

Does he or she need to treat their business as a business and not just something to do for “extra income”?

When we first started in the Real Estate Industry, there were a lot of those that had support at home via a partner’s income.  They were assisting their family, friends, and other kids friends parents with their real estate needs.

This seemed to work well, until their competition became those of us that had the drive and initiative to live, breathe and bleed Real Estate.

Real Estate is what we speak about, interact about, are asked about, and what REMAX’s Paris911 Team is ABOUT!!!!

I want to be able to give factual data to our buyers and sellers.  I want to have the education in Real Estate and my ear constantly pressed against the rail road tracts.

When there is something that is going to rear it’s ugly or pretty head in the Real Estate Industry, I want to be able to give that to those that are trusting us to Represent them with regard to their Real Estate Needs.

I don’t want to guess, I don’t want to trick anyone with a Slogan that is too good to be true and is peppered with “***********************************************************************” and “Special Conditions Apply”.


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