We put together a presentation yesterday talking about the best ways in which to mess up your chances of buying a home.

Santa Clarita realtors

It was interesting because we did have a lot of people that thought that we were being serious, We were merely wanting to give the best advice on what not to do.

So when we started the program we put the 14 ways to screw up your ability to purchase a home in the presentation.

Some of the items that we had included into the presentation, were items that you might not expect would mess up your ability to buy a piece of residential real estate.

So hence the reason we put together the program.

For example, who would think that closing credit accounts would actually create an issue where you might not be able to finance residential real estate?

What about switching banks during the escrow process? Did you realize that banks actually rerun credit, sometimes multiple times, within a given escrow?

Most people don't realize that the banks rerun credit. Most people don't realize that when they're purchasing a home and they go with drawl large amount of cash from the bank, that could create problems.

There are lots of things as a borrower purchasing real estate you need to know. So hence my team putting together this presentation talking about the 14 ways you can mess up your ability to purchase a home.

There's a couple different places that we posted this online you can go to Santa Clarita lending.com and watch the presentation there and you can of course Google. Google Paris 911.com 14 steps to messing up your home loan.