There is more than one way to skin a cat – you will want to make sure you are familiar with both ways…  My dad used to have some clever sayings, but there being more than one way to do something when dealing with life – that was always well placed advice.

The thing that I am certain of is the fact that I lacked the understanding to implement that advice, with direct application, as often as I would have liked too in the past.

The older I get – Thank God – the better use of the multitude of clever sayings that had been handed down to me.  I can now take that advice and pass it along to our clients.

To sell and buy a home – are much easier choices than the decisions based on Hardships.  When you are thinking of having a loan modification completed on your behalf, there is usually some distress somewhere.  You might be upside down and have an adjustable rate mortgage payment due to flip.  You could also be in a negative amortization loan program, having the date of maturity upon you. 

You might also be in a home with a 30 year fixed rate – but you are so far upside down, you cannot see the pasture through the trees.  What ever the case – you need good advice.  You will also want to ask all of the right questions as they pertain to you getting what you want with either a loan modification or short sale.