Not everything works out in Short Sale configuration – otherwise what you might have been sold – whoops – I mean Told.

Some tooting their horn do it a bit too loudly – we have had banks that have said, “the hardship is not something that we can approve at this time.” – What next? – Foreclosure.

Speaking with a different loss mitigator can make all the difference in the world.

Your agent’s approach will also make a huge difference.  Sometimes, most times, you cannot come head on with someone that is going to be responsible in the approval of a $300,000 loss.

Make sure you sound human when you are working on the Letter of Hardship.

Don’t hesitate to place blame and to write from a emotional person’s point of view.

In fact – the more “heartfelt” and “personal” your Hardship letter is, the Better.

Make sure you get a handle on your situation and get some advice before you move forward with a Short Sale.  It is not the “saving grace” that some propose it to be.  You need a resource that can help align all of your “ducks” so you know what to expect when the dust settles.