As first time home buyers we were venturing into unknown territory.  We were fortunate to find the Paris911 team of Connor and Paris MacIvor to help us navigate through this foreign territory.  The more we learned about the current real estate market through the hands on education Connor provided and our own research the more we felt we had the most professional and best team of real estate agents on our side.

We decided to sign a formal Buyer agent contract with Connor because I wanted to let him know that we were committed.  This agreement frustrated many realtors we ran into along our search for our house because it acted as a shield of protection for us.  Once they realized we had an advocate in the Paris911 team they knew that they had no choice, but to deal with us honestly for Connor would weed out any lies or misinformation.

In the end we got our dream home, we got a great deal,  the Paris911 team protected us from things we were ignorant of and thanks to their experience, speed, and hardworking attitude we came out unscathed and are now happy homeowners.  Our choice of working with Connor and Paris turned out to be in retrospect the single most important decision we made during our dream home search.

Frank Williams 4/13/2013 – submitted review to via email