When showing buyers, water features, ponds with Koi, fountains, and the like, get a lot of positive comments.

However, if they are being used to mask a particular noise or traffic, they can appear deceitful.

Water features can make a great addition to your garden. While at first glance a water feature may seem elaborate and a wasteful use of water, many are simple and actually re-circulate the water, adding a bit of tranquility to your patio or garden. A simple water feature can spruce up your outdoor curb What a big water featureappeal without too damage on the wallet.

Water features run the gamut as far as size, shape and utility. Consider a simple concrete fountain for your yard. A solar pump can be installed, negating the need for plugs and outlets, and with re-circulating water the fountain becomes a calming delight and eco-friendly at the same time.

Of course if bigger is better in your yard you can easily add your own water feature on your own by digging a hole to the size and shape of your liking and installing a liner available at the nearest Lowes or Home Depot. The liner can be cut to fit and the entire feature can be lined with rocks, stones, brick or slate before filling.

When it comes to a water feature choosing what will look best in your outdoor space is the key element. The important thing to remember is that if you want a water feature and don’t have deep pockets it is possible to install one on a budget.

There are several ways to wrap your mind around these water features.  First and foremost, starting surfing the web to see how others have incorporated them into their residences.  You can do this at Paris911.com by running a simple Multiple Listing Search and browsing the photos.

However, use our custom Google Real Estate search and type in the words, “Water Feature” and you will see bunches of results.

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