Well, let it not be said that my Law Enforcement Background does not help with the Verification of Occupancy Step when it comes to the Bank Owned properties that we are assigned.  Personal Service Guaranteed 🙂 – A Quick note, the banks we work with in the handling of their Real Estate Owned Inventory hired Paris and I.  It was our Resumes and track records that were looked at, not our assistants or our buyers agents. For all phases we find it paramount that we are the ones that directly handle each Bank Owned Asset which is Granted!

17 years with the LAPD and my current Reserve Officer Status, don’t hurt one bit.  In fact, I have been able to save some from “harms” way.  When the attorneys office sends out the “process server” to post on the door of an occupied foreclosure, I have been able to give the “heads up” when it comes to hostile tenants.

Several months ago, I am glad I did, because the attorney handling the eviction, replaced the 68 year old female they usually use to post the “eviction notice”, with a male in his mid 40’s. I’m not being sexist with this story, as the younger male was still assaulted, but the sheriff’s had been put on notice.  So their response was very quick before it got too far.

When I go, I want to make a note of the cars at the location, the licence plate numbers and speak with the neighbors before approaching the residence that I am verifying.  I go as far as checking with the utility companies and seeing if the services are turned on and active.  I am also going to check the Multiple Listing Service history by the specific address, it could be currently, or could have been, listed as a short sale etc.

I will pull title, utilize Google Maps and see if there is a “street view” for the location and more.

Just like with a normal seller or buyer, we do the “same day service thing”.  The banks and their assets are no different.

Besides, the Asset Managers have a hard enough job, they should be dealing with Professionals.