Loving the real estate data and the ways in which we publicize it. Since 1998, we have been bringing our Valencia CA Realty and Santa Clarita Valley clients the best in real estate intel. However, we did not use the world wide web, back then, as we do today.

valencia schools by paris911Today it’s a lot less about interrupting our clients, and more about connecting with our clients. That is where most real estate agents have it wrong. They are still wanting to interrupt people, never taking the time to get to know them in a social way.

I love putting together simple, yet informative website, that speak about the local Housing Markets.

We just completed our Market Updates for Valencia CA, yesterday, and have posted that intel at our Valencia Real Estate news website.

We found that the Valencia CA real estate market is still moving at a pretty fast pace, with the exception of homes are not “as updated or repaired” as their competition.

This too would shift, if the only homes that were for sale and available, were those that had no updates or were in poor shape.

However, today in Valencia CA real estate, competition is everything, and this is seen clearly by a majority of the current real estate listings being “turn key” in appearance and function.

One of the things we cannot stress enough, is being able to take a property that we are listing, give advice, one from a team leader and three opinions from our three buyers agents, as to how the home will show to our Valencia buyers and other agents’.

Those are systems that will give you the intel when it comes to selling your Valencia CA home for the most amount of money in the least amount of time.

We consider real estate our craft and we appreciate you checking out our real estate valuation system, giving you the best in Valencia Values.