Where are the new homesWe just finished another issue of our Santa Clarita and Valencia CA real estate radio show.

Today was our broadcast called Travel Tuesdays. Where we go online to a helpful real estate resource specifically built for the clients of Valencia REMAX’s Paris911 Team (that’s us).

We spoke about two functions (only two), that you are able to find on our Homepage at Paris911.com.

Foreclosures – a Paris911 Resource that will give you the intel about the local Foreclosure Market and what is happening behind the scenes in Valencia and Santa Clarita proper.

New Santa Clarita Homes – How to search for them and why it will pay to have us on your side when buying them.

When it comes to evaluating real estate and homes that are going to be sold, we have a team in place that have a high buyer ratio. Those are the agents you want walking through your home, the one we are listing, stating what buyers are looking for in the current market.

If you rewind back to 2008-2012 – buyers did not care about “appearance”. A majority of those real estate listings were distressed and some were in a bad way.

Today, that have shifted where buyers are looking for the top presentation pieces related to real estate. They want homes that are turnkey and those that have the best appearance.

Here are the latest real estate reports for the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

We have separated the reports into Single Family Homes in Valencia and Santa Clarita – versus – Condos and Townhomes in Valencia and Santa Clarita.

Be safe – search well and enjoy our videos and our pdf formatted reports.

If you want to tune into to our Daily Real Estate Radio Show for Santa Clarita – it’s here!

Santa Clarita and Valencia CA real estate update

Condos and Townhomes in Valencia and Santa Clarita