valencia california google usIf I could sum up the Valencia CA real estate market in a word it would be “sullen”.  Kind of sad these days, but today, the 1st of January of 2014, all of that is going to change.

The market is headed for a turn around, and we are going to rise above the 487 homes for sale in the Valencia and other Santa Clarita Valley cities.

The sellers of the world are going to start to place their homes on the market for sale, and the buyers for Valencia and the other SCV cities are going to step forth to buy them.

Throwing caution, not to the wind, but to the real estate scenario as it now exists, there are a couple of “speed bumps” that may slow down those interested in buying real estate’s roll.

Health and medical care.  With some of those we know, and with our own health coverage increasing over 27% from where it was in 2013, that may cause most Valencia CA sellers and buyers to think twice before selling the real estate in Valencia they own or buying any.

I think we are going to have a good grasp of where the market is going to be come later in the second quarter, but for now, in Valencia CA, homes are selling at a rapid pace and faster than the inventory can be replenished.

Good news for those buying them and good news for those choosing to sell them.

Be safe – here is the intel report for Valencia CA real estate and for the other Santa Clarita Valley cities.

Valencia real estate housing market and SCV Cities Housing Reports

You will also be able to check out a SlideShare presentation that I built with the data for Valencia CA and some of the other Cities.

YouTube video will be coming soon and I will probably post that on Santa Clarita real estate housing market dot com this pm.

Happy New Year Everyone.