Slow Markets Locally real estate app California Homes

During the past several weeks the real estate in the Santa Clarita valley cities has seen it’s fair share of solemness.

The buyer activity is moving along, but no where as fast as it was back during the summer and early fall of 2013.

Housing Market Reports

We just obtained out latest real estate housing market reports for the Santa Clarita Valley cities are it would seem the “flatness” continues within the local housing markets.

On a larger scale, we are merely a smaller window into the same trends that are being exhibited over the entire United States, with few exceptions of course 🙂 i.e. San Francisco – It’s still booming and inventory is very lacking.

Radio Show at

Make sure you tune into our local Santa Clarita and Valencia Radio show where we do speak about the issues related to procuring and selling real estate.

We venture into some “interesting ground” at times and typically have our latest Santa Clarita real estate radio completed by Noon each day of the week.

We did our “mothers day” show Sunday and today, on Monday, we are going to complete our Housing Market Reports. This is the beginning of the week in Santa Clarita real estate and we are glad that you are taking the time to read and share.

Be safe Santa Clarita and Surrounding communities and we will leave the light on for ya!

Valencia CA Real Estate Housing Market Update May 13, 2014