REMAX of Santa Clarita CAThe local markets in the Santa Clarita housing market reports below are seeing some slight changes from where they had been in the recent past.

Our Santa Clarita real estate reconnaissance has found that the local markets in the Santa Clarita Valley cities are experiencing some “pull back” from their current listing prices.

In fact, during the last week we have seen over 70 real estate listings that have had their prices reduced.

This is in order to spur the buyers and hopefully get those real estate listings to a more attractive list price.

If you happen to be a property owner and are not considering selling your home, condo or town-home and if the real estate property you own is in Southern California – We have a Real Estate Owners Resource.

The local real estate listings are also available for you to view by heading to the number one resource for the Santa Clarita Valley cities.

Santa Clarita Cities – condo and townhome report

Santa Clarita Cities – Single Family Housing Reports