Well we have come a long way since mailing Multiple Listing lists and active properties to prospective clients. I finally have a solution specific way for our various clienteles to view properties that are for sale and active on their specific Multiple Listing services with the various Boards of Realtors®. On our site we have two different solutions for home search engines currently. A fill in the blank form that is located on the bottom left of the home screen. This is being offered to our clients and I was able to secure it from our web-builder. I like it and it offers enough to the visiting public to be very useful.

I was able to locate, very recently, another solution that is offered by Diverse Solutions. It utilizes a Google Map Interface, which from what I hear, will be even better in the near future. Due to their ability to increase the resolution and get newer, more real-time, photos from space. The new MLS solution was unveiled on the Paris911® home page last week and it is now available at a LAPD officer specific location. www.LAPD911.com.

I am very excited and I hope it serves you well. There are a few options when it comes to buying a home and selling houses. You can go with an agent that is local. We would like to consider ourselves local to most of Southern California. I have to tell you that with my background and our main client base, when in an area that is on the map, that we don’t frequent, I can tell if the area is going to be a fit for our clients. It is not rocket science just selling something that I would be able to sell in the 4.7 years when they are ready to move up or out. So when I take buyers around this Green Earth, I keep that in mind with the question, Could I live here? When I put two and two together, most people get 4, I ponder the "and".

I hope this reaches you well.