As members of RE/MAX’s Elite RE/MAX International, we are definitely held to a higher standard.  Besides being a name that has a huge part of the Real Estate Market and is advertised above all others, the “Standard” of which I speak is very apparent.

All you have to do is tune into TV to see what kind of market niche RE/MAX holds over its competition.  The training schedules are blistering, but necessary so when you are looking for that qualified agent – RE/MAX continues to shine through the Real Estate Fog.

From an education standpoint – there are some agents that hold that prized “sheepskin” and I am all about education.  But I am not so sure that can be helpful in every case.  This is how I see it.  I was a police officer for a long time – almost half of my life – I switched tracks midstream and sought another profession, never losing the love I have for Men and Women in Law Enforcement – or any profession where the “oath” is the core.  I remained a Reserve so I can still function in Officer capacity – but on a voluntary basis.  But that keeps me from never forgetting the key to life – unselfishly helping Mankind. 

I had run into police officers, supervisors and management that had very “heavy diplomas” from fancy colleges in subject that were hard to pronounce.  But on the street level and management level, although it assisted them on getting through the hiring door, they were piss-poor at that line of work.  I have the seem result in Real Estate– Education is extremely important, I am not discounting that – but make sure the education they have received makes them subject matter experts in their craft and their application and technique is flawless.

Purchasing a Home for you and your family should not be frustrating.  But due to there being too many “cooks” in the kitchen, it sometimes turns out being a really crappy experience.

If any agents promises you that it will be smooth from beginning to end – they are not being honest.

I have to say that with RE/MAX and The Paris911 Team – We have transactions in Real Estate that we are not sure that we had them in escrow because of how smoothly they went.

But on the other hand – we have had some that are nightmares from the word “go”.  It is how a Real Estate Agent or Team handles those nightmares without effecting the client and taking away from the client getting what they ultimately want and for a good price. 

Whether on the buying or selling end – what I mean by too may “cooks” is reference to all the parts of the Real Estate process – Title, Escrow, Termite, Corporate Sellers, Banks, shareholders, asset managers, other agents, brokers, lenders, main loan brokers, and the lot. 

If Paris and I were the only ones that you had to have their hands on your Real Estate – then it would go smoothly guaranteed each and every time.  But this is not the case nor even a possibility. 

Experts in negotiation, contracts, securing the deals, placing the pen to paper, protecting of your assets, double and triple checking others work, that is our Team.  We make sure you are not hung out to dry – and if you are not hiring a Real Estate Expert – then you might wake up feeling that you had been hit by a 20 pound sledgehammer.