image1269607475.jpgWe have been going to San Francisco for business to build our relationships with a few of the major banks since just before I resigned from full time law enforcement service. Remax and the Paris911 team is the real estate team that is widely sought by asset managers and foreclosure entities that require aggressive but mature natures to sell their assets for the most advantageous margin possible. So hence our trips to San Francisco.

Although our current listings are in San Jose CA, that is only an hop, skip, and a jump from San Francisco. What a humbling experience to inquire to such a city that has such a thin vacancy rate. Makes us liken it to always attempting to survive a bull market. If those conditions exist for too long a period of time, it would be burnout city for everyone involved.

It would seem that we can sell anything anywhere in regards to real estate. We are blessed in that way. With over 30 levels of internet blogging, prodding and pimping, I am sure that we are unique above the crowd. The banks seem to think so. If you need to get short sale advice in the Santa Clarita valley. Then you have come to the right place. If you are looking to gave us handle a regular non distressed sale we are good for that. If you are a first time or investor needing a more than qualified representative then you have truly found home.