We have many search options on our main Paris911 dot com website. In fact, we get the most traffic to our real estate website on a local level.

People return to get the latest real estate radio podcast and show. You will view this at the Top of the home page.

Then directly underneath you will have the Multiple Listing Service Search that is active and will give you the latest real estate listings that are for sale in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities and in the Rest of Southern California.

When people speak of real estate data. Most stop at the listing price and maybe looking at a few “similar” real estate listings that have sold in the recent past.

We take our approach to the real estate intel much more seriously. While most people may not delve into the real estate data, leaving that up to their real estate agent, some want to themselves.

Most agents don’t keep up with data on this level. For them it’s all the pitch and conversion. For us it’s all about educating and making sure our clients are covered and well protected. Knowledge is power!

Here are some of the slides from one of our most recent Haiku Deck presentations that I created showing the functionality of our Search Engine on the Top Santa Clarita real estate website.

Feel Free to use the engine, it works well and will have you ready to do anything within the real estate venues.

Valencia CA 91354 sales price to list ratio

Comparative sales in Valencia CA 91354

Valencia CA days of inventory for homes 91354

Valencia CA 91354 prices and sales

Valencia CA sale prices in Zip Code 91354

Valencia CA 91354 Real Estate Trends

Valencia CA market Trends for 91354

Valencia CA 91354 real estate listings

Gathering the Intelligence in Valencia CA 91354

Total Valencia Intel in Zip Code 91354

Top Listings in Valencia CA