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It is always interesting to us when we come across someone that is trying to sell us something with a verbal approach only.

Especially a high ticket item like representation when wanting to sell someone’s home.

I hear it day in and day out from other local real estate agents that have nothing to “show” when presenting.

Case and point – I invited a iPad teacher to come into our offices and speak with our Paris911 Staff about using the iPad and other Mobile devices to use as “tools” in a listing presentation by realtors.

Selling Valencia CA homes and real estate

We opened the class to other realtors with any real estate company and the crowd, although not spectacular, did attract attention from the other agents in the local areas.

There was a lot to learn, as you can imagine, the other agents were appreciative and I noticed that we seemed to be “above the crowd” as it came to the implementation of technology, I was happy to see this.

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