Quality real estate listings sell faster and for more money!

Quality real estate listings sell faster and for more money!

Curb Appeal – Open Spaces – Flooring – Master Bedroom – Staging

These five things are some of the most important as gleaned from the buyers that our Paris911 Team at Remax Realtors represents within the local real estate communities.

We hear it very often when we get called from buyers off of our signs or off of our internet marketing channels.

They want to know when they can see the home in person because they just loved the photos, the drive by and or the virtual tours we had posted.

When we ask “what attracted them” to call us off of the sign or off of the internet, they typically respond in the above fashion.

Sometimes, they appreciate the time that was taken to prepare the home for sale.  I am sure you can tell if you are viewing a home, and if it has been neglected, it is very apparent.

All a buyer wants is to see an “attempt” on the behalf of the real estate seller in order to justify giving them Top Dollar.

That is how we educate our Santa Clarita real estate sellers, and they are grateful we did.

Be safe – enjoy this GREAT Video from REMAX and please check out our other Santa Clarita Realtors on YouTube video’s where we are constantly answering questions related to real estate and the local markets.