Most Teams have a “Marketing Director”.  Our Team prides our selves on having one as well. The main difference?  In our case, the Marketing Director is a “Team Leader”.

Accountability is never an issue and I can show you where we have the Technological edge when it comes to finding the right home for you and / or selling your Real Estate Asset.

RE/MAX affords us quite a bit of leeway – but the thing I love most about working with RE/MAX as a brokerage is that if an agent strays too far outside of the lines, they are let go.  So as not to cause embarrassment to a brand that was built through blood, sweat and tears.

The men and women of “Top Producer Systems” paid me a fantastic accolade when they published me in their “Top Line” newsletter that went to their entire staff. 

One example of how we can market via a “Marketing Director” that is the agent you Hired in the First Place.