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Today we have just finished our real estate broadcast that you are able to tune into at http://radio.scv.house

Santa Clarita valley home alerts

Each of our new real estate eposides are present there, access for everyone.

During the week, we have a 7 day a week radio show format.

On Fridays, we get into the local real estate market and report on price changes to the Santa Clarita real estate listings that happen to be for sale.

Only the active real estate listings are applicable and we post the numbers on our websites and within our various online venues so all can have access to the “real story” about Santa Clarita real estate.

Another topic we spoke about on todays real estate radio show has to do with the online systems that you will find at the top's of most search engines.

Some will be showing you some “crazy” number of real estate listings. They may even be reporting that “foreclosures” are coming, in order to get you to give up who you are.

We do our Truth in Realty Broadcast during our daily Santa Clarita Show and this is it!

Truth – as of the time of this post on our SantaClaritaHousingMarket.com

Active Listings in Santa Clarita Valley – 619 Paris911.com/active

Total Listings in the Back Up Status – 360 Paris911.com/backup

Total Pending Listings in SCV – 287 Paris911.com/pending

Total Listings that are in active and backup status – 979.

This means that, as a real estate buyer, you have 979 changes to get what you want when buying a home in our current market.

Not only are the “active” homes available for showing and writing offers on, but those in the “back up” position are as well!

If you listened to our broadcast, 31 real estate listings BOM'd – that stands for Back on Market. They fell out of escrow and are now for sale again.

How is for a slice of fried gold? – For buyers anyway, for those real estate sellers, my heart goes out to them, I get it and so do most Top Producing Realtors.

Let's talk about you getting what you want when it comes to real estate.

If you have a look at the 619 active listings, that is more than we have had in a long while within the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

If you look at those listings in back up status – that is more than 1/2 of the total active listings in amount.

Why aren't you looking at those too? They could fall from escrow, couldn't they?

If we had 31 fall out this week – Those could be 31 opportunities.

Resource – Get notified when a listing enters the market again Paris911.com/Alerts

Thanks for listening to our Real Estate Radio show and reach out ot me when you are ready for my help.