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Is it better to flip or rent a house in the current real estate market?

Real Estate in Santa Clarita – Foreclosure Flipping:

When housing was at its peak people were buying and selling homes like crazy. Many people were buying, fixing and selling, a process that became known as flipping. The current real estate market is, without a doubt, a buyer’s market. This is a time where homes are more affordable than they have been in years and if people are able to secure financing there are many bargains to be had. That being said is this a good time to flip?

Flipping is great if you can turn a profit but in today’s market how big will your profit be? Many people who are investing in real estate who may have been flippers a few years ago are now becoming landlords. Buying a house, fixing it up and renting it is covering their mortgage cost, possibly putting a little money in their pockets and allowing them to hold off on selling until the market picks back up. In 3, 5 or even 8 years the home that the investor has bought, fixed up and rented out will sell for more than it will today and the investment will pay out that much more, especially if it has been cash flowing the entire time that it was rented.

Flipping a home makes sense if an investor will turn a profit but right now being a landlord may pay out even more in the long run.

Send me your criteria and the cities you wish me to look for – I’ll set it up and you can make good decisions 🙂