emotional stress with financial issuesRE/MAX of Valencia – Team Paris911 – Knows a thing or two about when a buyer can go again after a Bankruptcy, foreclosure or short sale.

Today, we present on our REMAX of Valencia YouTube Channel, the time frames that are applicable when it comes to buying or selling a home after you have had a life changing event.

Foreclosures – they aren’t easy. They cause much distress and pain from an emotional standpoint within Real Estate.

Short Sales – they do their damage too. Depending on the circumstance, some have difficulty recovering fully when it comes to short selling their home, condo or town home.

Bankruptcy – these events also cause their fair share of damage.

Today, we will give you a glimpse of what happens and the recovery process after you experience a life changing event such as a short sale, bk or foreclosure.

Enjoy our video and let my team and I at REMAX of Valencia know when you are ready for our help.  Be safe.