We are gaining ground as it relates to the real estate listings that are on the market for sale in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

Today Santa Clarita Valley has the following inventory for Sale:

  • 624 Active real estate listings for sale in Santa Clarita.
  • 373 Real Estate listings in the Backup Status
  • 289 Listings in the pending Status!

A word of advice, make sure you are getting “full service” from the agent which you select to represent you when buying real estate. This applies to those of you seeking the BEST Sales Agent as well. They should be searching the “other statuses” of real estate inventory as well. Calling those agents and finding out how “solid” those transactions are. You’d be surprised to know that often we call when a deal is “teetering”, about to fall out of escrow. That is good news for our Paris911 Team buyers!

However, for time being, this is not changing the state of the real estate market. Presently, the market is very deep within the Sellers Zone. Meaning, it’s a Seller’s market for sure in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

One of the things we get asked often is if now is a good time to sell a home?  Seems like a self serving question right? I mean, I make my living from selling real estate, why would I ever say NO!

While I was being a bit “tongue in cheek”, I want everyone to know Transparency is something that I consider very important when it comes to advising and consulting our real estate clients.

Today – We know that inventory is building. If the Buyer Demand slacks off and if Buyers slow their roll, then an abundance of real estate inventory will cause prices to push back.

This “push back” in the real estate market would equate to prices falling and sellers having missed their chance to sell at today’s prices.

As long as real estate inventory stays tight, sellers will be able to demand more for their homes if the market was in a Buyer’s Zone.

Keep watch on our intel that we provide on a daily basis with regard to the Santa Clarita real estate housing market and you will be in the loop.