Moving is horrible! Every-time we sell a home, we are reminded that Moving from one home to another is never without it’s share of issues. If memory serves it was a much simplier process when Paris and I went from renting to home ownership. It was easier still when I moved out from my parents house, where all of my stuff fit in my car 🙂 Then we had “home ownership” create a drama all of it’s own. I just wish I’d had a better real estate agent 🙂 Read more about our “why” of real estate and why we wished we’d had a better Realtor.

I’m not trying to get you down – but every time we had moved in the past, I wish I would have had someone to guide us and someone that could hold others accountable. When you have a doctor and you are giving that doctor referrals because you trust them and because they are good, your friends appreciate it. If that doctor messes up and turns out not to be a good fit for those you referred, you look bad. Your recommendation is a reflection on you!

Now imagine if you were giving that doctor over 75% of their business. That doctor would think twice about taking advantage of anyone you referred to them. If a scenario was about to go sideways, I betcha that doctor would fix it, not matter what the cost.

That is how the BEST Relocation agents operate. We strive to be the best in the Relocation business by the amount of connections we maintain. We work with the top professionals and give them business. We are all about the relationships and taking care of people. The client always comes first and foremost over anything else. Yes, Even Money!!!

For example, with the moving companies we know – they are direct moving companies not “head hunters”. When it comes to needing to find someone to list your home in some far “away from Santa Clarita Valley” place, we have those connections too.

If you are talking about moving to or from the Santa Clarita Valley CA, we will handle much more of your transaction personally, because this is where our REMAX Relocation business is located.

Getting a “street wise” education is one of the most important things you can do reference to things that are not “common” in life. Moving, while not common, does happen. Most people on average will move 4 times during their life time. It pays to get with someone that is an industry expert in the moving process, real estate, relocation and in Plutonic Relationships!