Remember the ad campaigns?  Buy Local. Help the Local economy and local Business owner by shopping and buying local.  It does work and we have that very same drive in the Santa Clarita Valley communities.  Buy Local – I get it.

What about Searching.  Why would you want to use Local Sources?  Because you don’t want your personal and private information sold to the highest bidder.  When you want more information about a specific property that is for sale, you are running the risk of having your personal information resold several times.  Resold to the hungriest and highest bidder.

Some of the “highest bidders” are not “local real estate agent”.  They are referral farms and re-selling your information again.  Back in the day, I could buy hundreds of dollars of “pay per click” advertising and then re-sell it at a higher price.

Your personal information is all too valuable for you to have sacrificed on the “vendor chopping block”.