real estate buyers with remaxWhen it comes to getting the best in real estate data, we never want it to be said that we don’t get ours directly from the source data.

In fact, when it comes to real estate and the housing market, our daily real estate radio shows are something of legend.

You will be able to find our real estate radio show players on all of our Paris911 Systems where we talk about the local housing market.

Tune in to see how the Friday Finale Broadcast was conducted and how the real estate price changes are effecting the local real estate market.

Positive market indications favor a balanced real estate market where we have just enough inventory where the real estate prices are not “reducing” or “increasing” much.

During our Friday’s Broadcast, we are showing that we have more price decreases than increases. Furthermore, we are seeing that these “reductions” are only list price to list price and not list price to sales price.

Our Sold Saturdays broadcast is the show you want to listen to which will give you an idea as to how the actual housing market is faring when we speak about the “Sold homes” and whether those prices were lower or higher than list.

Be safe – enjoy our REMAX systems for home search and we hope to be of service soon. My phone number is in the header of this website. Feel Free to reach out to me as soon as you are ready.