In today’s constrictive real estate market, I don’t know why other’s that are in my industry, aren’t thinking more “outside of the box”.

Have you ever wondered why you couldn’t door knock a home that is in the neighborhood that you wanted to buy within.  A home that was not currently for sale?  What if your real estate professional did this very thing?  I’m not talking about as a rouse or something that is being used without you as a part of the equation.  Some real estate agents do this when they don’t have a “ready to go” buyer.

However, when we do this for our buyers, we knock with the “contract” in hand.  So they can see that we are not playing games and Paris911 has a serious buyer that is ready to make the specific “Non-seller” an offer they cannot refuse.

This is not for the faint of heart.  In addition, a Signed Buyer Broker’s agreement will sweeten the deal with regard to the Seller, seeing that the Buyer is really serious.

We also approach the short sales, notice of default’s and those listings that are not on the market yet as a “One Party Show”.  When looking for someone to represent you in any real estate market, whether relocating just around the block or to another city all together, make sure your professional is local and “thinks outside of the box”.

To see more about a One Party Show – And how to get the best deals on real estate for sale – Have a view of the video below.