We finally completed the Santa Clarita real estate and housing market reports.

Santa Clarita real estate and housing market update

It's funny – not funny haha – but funny strange. We have been showing real estate listings, as we do every day of the week. Sellers are more anxious related to their homes.

You can tell this in a market when there is a large amount of follow up from the Listing Agents, asking for feedback.

We make this our process when it comes to listing and selling Santa Clarita real estate and homes.

There is nothing quite like hearing a clients reaction to a specific home for sale by an agent representing said client. There is no fluff, no smoke or mirrors, the agents tell how it is, even if to a fault.

Santa Clarita housing market update

What do the actual clients say when being filtered through their agent? How about some of these gems.

  • The home is overpriced.
  • My clients don't like pets.
  • They just could not “connect” with the home.
  • The backyard is next to a busy street.
  • The Neighbors home looks really run down.
  • The bedrooms were too small.

The interesting thing about all of these comments is most would be able to be remedyed related to price. That is why it's not really location in real estate, as you may have heard. Location, Location, Location…

It always comes down to price. If the home was priced less – the fact the freeway is behind it, would not matter.

The prices of real estate have to be set carefully by local Realtors that know what they are doing when it comes to listing and selling local real estate. Additional resource: http://realtor.paris911.com

Enjoy this week's market updates and let us know when you are ready for our help with your home purchase or for us to Sell your Santa Clarita home.

We run a proactive team with REMAX of Valencia. We are known as Parsi911 – Paris for a person, not that person 🙂 and I was the 911 for a long time, working with the LAPD. Paris (team leader) and me – her better half in the Santa Clarita real estate business.